At the heart of the RIOT Podcast is a desire to see God’s children grow closer to Jesus. Pete, Barry, and Bob love to take their show on the road and minister on locations around the world. They connect very well with a live audience and will leave lasting impressions. Their love for Jesus and people will immediately be felt as they navigate through topics chosen by the Pastor of the Church or organization. After every message, we give an invitation for people to come to know Jesus. The gentleman will come and minister anywhere they’re invited for the purpose of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ at NO COST.

When the gentleman come to minister at a church, their primary purpose is to share Gods truth through a dialog of three people. Typically they sit in three chairs on stage and passionately converse amongst themselves about topic chosen ahead of time. This spirit filled often times funny conversation leads to sharing the gospel with an invitation for those that do not know Jesus. They can tailor the time of the presentation to however long the Pastor needs it to be.

They can do Sunday Morning Services, Mid-Week, Men’s Group, Camps, Retreats, Schools, Universities etc Please see FAQ for other questions answered.

Popular show Ideas:

  • How to identify a spiritual attack-

  • Why Religion Sucks

  • What does Gods discipline look like

  • Is the Church Broken?

  • Holiness of God

  • How to forgive

  • Characteristics of a Mission Minded Person

Please prayerfully consider booking the RIOT Podcast team today. Our ministry is a non-profit organization and we require no fees for ministering. If you are interested in booking the RIOT Podcast, please contact us at or call Christine at 321-250-8406