Is buying a new Porsche being content?!

About this Episode

This week's pressure point topic is contentment, in the light of Christmas season we want to explore what it means to be content. In America, we have been bombarded and pressured to buy the latest and greatest thing. Marketing now is better than ever where we can know what someone likes based upon their search history. These companies are capturing our information without us even knowing about it. They know how to make things appear better than they are and they know how to get us to buy by appealing to our happiness. Just this week I got 7 catalogs in the mail with all having deals while offering easy ways to buy. One said pay noting until April of Next year and only $20 a month thereafter. Let's face it we are all tempted to want the new and the better. Another thing we are experts at is Justifying why we need more. we might make ourselves believe if we buy such and such it will make us feel happy or we might say we deserve this I've worked hard or things have been tough lately.