New Beginnings

About this Episode

Welcome to the RIOT Podcast!

The R.I.O.T. Podcast aka "Righteous Invasion Of Truth" is a Fun Loving upbeat weekly Christian Podcast. This powerful Podcast will boost your day and spiritual growth with relevant conversations on today’s hot topics. Practical discussion on how to share your faith, how to see the news from God's eyes, and how to answer your Faith's hardest questions.

Hosted by three Pastors from Orlando, FL. - Affectionately called "City Beautiful" by people who know and love it. Every Thursday we release an episode that speaks to people who are looking for a word of encouragement, love to laugh, and want to be encouraged in their faith. Our topics are wide-ranging, it really depends on what is happening in the world. We bring a fresh, relevant outlook on things in the news, we discuss ways how to share their faith and how to see everything from Gods' perspective. We will answer hard topic questions that are relevant to our faith such as, "If God is such a good God why does he allow hurricanes to kill people, or a terrorist, etc?" Our guests are business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, Pastors, musicians, and unique characters we know or happen to run into. Most often these are people in love with Jesus and have a story to tell. No matter what or who we are recording, we want you to feel like you're hanging out with friends and taking part in a community of unique and interesting people.