Say No to being a Biased Christian

About this Episode


The Pete, Bob & Barry talk about personal life an things going on with them for the week.

Barry celebrated her wife’s birthday, and cruising for 30th anniversary next year.

Bob shared the death of his blow-up Baby Jesus and how it was rectified.

Pressure Point:

What is absolute truth? Why does Truth matter? Why do people except counterfeits?

1. Empirical Truth- This is truth based on evidence, research and reason. Many in the scientific community use this truth.

2. Convenient truth- This is truth is hard to establish and can be inconvenient when it does not serve an immediate need. This truth is based more on feelings and is excepted when it best serves their person seeking truths need.

3. Spiritual Truth: This truth involves recognition or belief that there is something greater than oneself in control. This truth leans on a higher power to lead one's decisions.

How are you determining the truth? Truth is truth and if you are determining it through your feelings, or emotions, or the sway of others rather than through the light of Christ, then it really is not truth.

Jesus is the embodiment of truth. His very word is active and powerful sharper than any two-edged sword piercing to the bone and marrow, his word is life.

What are we being consumed by? It’s easy to see because whatever is consuming you is the byproduct of what is coming out of you. If being consumed in news or activities then we are being conformed by those things, we should be consuming the breath of life, the word of God so that we are naturally showcasing God's love to everyone, in everything we do.