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About this Episode

Divine Guidance: Finding God's Choice (Genesis 24) is the topic that will be discussed today on RIOT Podcast, a Christian Discipleship Podcast.

In last week's episode, we re-aired one of our most popular shows, "Why Men and Women Struggle with Sexual Sin." If you missed it, I highly recommend going back for an insightful discussion.

Two weeks ago, we explored Genesis 22 in "The Testing of Our Faith," delving into Abraham's trial of faith with Isaac. It was a powerful episode on trusting God through trials.

This week, we focus on Genesis 24, the longest chapter in Genesis, telling the story of Isaac and Rebekah's marriage. We'll explore why this chapter, which at first seems about finding a spouse, holds deep theological significance.

Join us as we uncover how this story mirrors the relationship between Christ and His church, emphasizing God's plan for His people and the glory it brings to Him. Don't miss this enriching discussion on faith and divine providence!

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