Where does my donation go?

Thank you for your support of RIOT Podcast, we are a listener supported ministry of Be Mission Minded a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. You can give online below or become a RIOT Partner! Our RIOT Partners give monthly to help us get Gods word out to the world.

Our Listeners can find our Podcast on most Platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and Youtube. We have a Worldwide audience with more than 30k listeners. Running a Church discipleship podcast at a high level takes money to do so. Our current yearly expenses consist of 1 employee, hosting, equipment upkeep, marketing and any other miscellaneous cost that come up from time to time. This year our budget was approximately $20k that Pete and Bob have funded out of pocket.


Another way you can help us at RIOT Podcast is to donate to our ministry initiative Natural Discipleship. This movement was introduced to us by a friend of ours named Geoffrey. Geoffrey began sharing with us all that God has been doing through the ministry in Africa and we were blown away. He told us that he sensed a hunger by the African Pastors to disciple people like the early church did. So in obedience to God, he started to train a Pastor named Kassim from Sierra Leone, Africa. He went on to share that in 3 years His core team of 6 Pastors have discipled thousands of Pastors, in 23 countries in Africa. He shared that from their discipleship they now are seeing up to 6 deep in their generational stream of discipled people. Think about this, in 3 years, thousands of people have been discipled and the movement that God began is now getting to a point where we need lots of help. If you want to begin a discipleship multiplying ministry, please contact us and we will get you set up.

Because we operate in poor countries, the needs are HUGE. More ways you can be a hero for God is by offsetting our front line ministry needs.

  • Our most urgent immediate need is that our Pastors print the student guide materials for their disciples. The cost to do so is $5 per student guide. By helping here in any amount, will allow the Pastors to keep discipling their congregations. Many of the villages we operate in do not have mobile devices/Wi-Fi, so a hard copy of the student guide is needed for them.
  • We currently have the Student Guide translated in 5 different African languages and we are in the process of translating it into more languages. This is a long tedious process and for us to do this we pay the properly equipped locals to do so. Any amount will help us in this process.
  • In future once money is raised we looking at purchasing 3 small printing presses to help save printing cost long term. Cost for a small press is around $5,000.
  • Goats, for $50 we can purchase an adult goat that produces income for Pastors.
  • The Pastors are in need of connectivity platforms, like phones and internet. Bundle packages cost $50 a month.
  • In certain African countries like Rwanda Pastors are not allowed to have home churches. They must build physical meeting places, so a small church would cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15000 to build.

RIOT Podcast operates daily on the front lines with these Pastors and things are moving very rapidly. The needs are urgent and if you feel God leading you to help with any amount, we will be eternally blessed.

If we have ministered to you over this past year, would you prayerfully consider donating to our ministry.

We Love to Give Things Away

As a Thank you from us for your monthly giving, we’d love to send you a free T-shirt. Please reference your shirt size in form below.