Scriptorium – Highlight show

About this Episode

Scriptorium - Highlight show of RIOT podcast, a Christian podcast. During this special broadcast, we've taken some of the best shows and combined them for your enjoyment.

Starting out with the Scriptorium within the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, FL, which is being closed down. Within this tour, we experienced some of the oldest printed scriptures, some 2000 years before Christ.

Then it's a clip from our show titled "Why Religion sucks" which was released Feb 11, 2021 and experiencing the true unadulterated love of Christ.

From there it's "Prophecy End Times Rapture Could it happen Today" which aired on Feb 25, 2021 - when the rapture happens what can we expect.

There are so many great nuggets within this special mash-up of the best of the RIOT conversations with Pete, Barry & Bob that you will be blessed by the encouraging words spoken in the spirit through the guys.

Be blessed by the special Scriptorium - Highlight show

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