Fear not Help is here John 14 16-18

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Fear not Help is here John 14 16-18 is the topic that will be discussed today on RIOT Podcast, a Christian Discipleship Podcast.

In episode 115, titled “Let not your hearts be troubled”, we unpacked John 14:1-15. During the show we talked about the key encouraging assurance statements by Jesus to His disciples. He shared with them that one day they will be with Him in heaven for all eternity. He also shared with them, that now in His name, they can pray directly to the Father and that their prayers will be answered. It was a very encouraging show for anyone that might be going through hard times currently, if you have not listened to it yet, we highly recommend that you do.

In our coming shows, we are continuing this conversation that Jesus is currently having with His disciples. In today’s show through John 14 verses 16-18, Jesus will be sharing with them about the assurance they will have in the Holy Spirit. In the following shows coming up, we will unpack vs 19-24 when Jesus will talk about how, that when He is gone, they will enjoy the Father's love and lastly in vs 25-31, Jesus will share with them that they will have the same peace here on earth as He had.

Let’s read our text for today John 14:16-18

Jesus had a great deal to say about the Holy Spirit in His upper room message, for apart from the help of the Spirit of God, we cannot live the Christian life as God would have us live it. We must know who the Holy Spirit is, what He does and how He does it.

Our English word “comfort” comes from two Latin words meaning “with strength”. We usually think of comfort as soothing someone, consoling him or her, and to some extent this is true. But true comfort strengthens us to face life bravely and to keep on going. It does not rob us of responsibility or make it easy for us to give up.

Vs 17 says that the HS is “the Spirt of Truth”. Here Jesus is relating the HS to himself, “The Truth” and the word of God, which of itself is the truth.

If we want the HS to work in our lives, then we must seek to glorify Christ, and we must make much of the Word of God.

When we compare Eph 5:18- 6:9 with Colossians 3:16-4:1. To be filled with the Spirit is the same as to be controlled by the Word. The Spirit of Truth uses the Word of Truth to guide us into the will and the work of God.

The HS abides in the believer. He is a gift from the Father, an answer to the prayer of Jesus. During His earthly ministry, Jesus had guided, guarded, and taught His disciples, but now He was going to leave them.
Jesus also called the HS another helper, or in some translations, a councilor or comforter. Jesus said the word “another” before helper, that word translated in Greek means “another of the same kind”.

So, has the HS been on earth before Jesus?

Of course. He empowered men and women in the OT to accomplish God’s work. However, during the OT age, the Spirit of God would come upon people and then leave them. Remember King Saul, in 1 Sam 16:14 and David’s writing in Psalm 51:11. Both illustrate the leaving of the HS. In Acts 2 at Pentecost, the HS was given to God’s people to remain with them forever. Even though today, we may grieve the HS, but he will never leave us.

Something to think about, the way we treat the HS is the way we treat Jesus. The believer’s body is the temple of the Spirit (1 Cor 6:19-20), so what he or she does with their bodies affects the indwelling HS.

Another truth to remember is that the world cannot receive the Spirt because, the World lives “by sight” and not by faith. The world does not know Jesus, and you cannot have knowledge of the Spirit apart from Jesus.
Lastly, in vs 18, John uses the word “comfortless”, that word translated in the Greek is “orphans”. We must know that in Jesus we are never alone, abandoned, helpless, or hopeless!

Wherever we go, the Spirit is with us, so why should we feel like orphans? There is no need to have a troubled heart when you have the very Spirit of God dwelling within you!

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