Peace I leave with you, Peace I give you John 14 19-31

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Peace I leave with you, Peace I give you John 14:19-31 is what we will be discussing today on RIOT Podcast, a Christian Discipleship Podcast
Episode 116 from last week was titled “Fear not, help is here”. My little brother, Bill joined us as a special guest on the show. We covered John 14:16–18, which is when Jesus taught His followers about the Holy Spirit. It was a fantastic show to go back and listen to, if you haven’t already, especially, if you want to learn more about how the Holy Spirit can impact our daily life’s.

This week is a continuation of last week’s show. Today, we will learn how we can enjoy the Fathers love. Romans 5:5 says “The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit which is given unto us.” Orphans feel unwanted and unloved, but our Father shares His love with us. Today, we will see how Jesus shared three manifestations of God’s love with his disciples.

Let’s Read John 14:19-24 and get started

In vs 19-20, we see Jesus sharing a past manifestation of His love. Verse 19 focuses on His resurrection and post resurrection appearances. He is saying, “I have been with you in power for some time now and you will no longer see me physically. But there will be a time you will see me again, when I come back in power, with great glory to judge lost sinners.”

In vs 21 & 23-24 Jesus is showing a “present manifestation” of himself to the believers. Note the repetition of the word “love”. If we treasure His word and obey it, then the Father and the Son will share Their love with us and make Their home in us. Jesus is saying that we have heaven in us now as we are on a mission with Christ and one day when we die.

Verses 19- Here, Jesus is saying that there will be a future manifestation when He returns. Judas (not Iscariot), recalled that Jesus had said He would not manifest Himself to the world. This seemed to contradict the other statements that He had made, such as recorded in Matthew 24:30. His question was, “What has come to pass that you are no longer going to reveal yourself to the world?” He is questioning Him as if he is saying, has there been a change in the divine plan?

One of the best ways to ease a troubled heart is to bathe it in the Love of God. When you feel like an orphan, let the spirit of God reveal God's love to you in a deeper way.

Charles Spurgeon said, “Little faith will take your soul to heaven, but great faith will bring heaven to your soul. Your heart can become a heaven on earth, as you commune with Jesus and worship him.”

Now let's read John 14:25–31

In verse 27 the word “peace” there is Shalom, it is a precious word to the Jewish people. It means, much more than just the absence of war or distress. Shalom means “wholeness, completeness, health, security, even prosperity in the best sense.”

When you are enjoying God’s peace, there is joy and contentment. God’s peace is not like the peace the world offers, it is perfect and everlasting.

The world bases its peace on its resources, while God’s peace depends on relationships.

While in the world, peace is something you wish for or strive for, for the Christian peace is a magnificent gift from God that is gained through faith. People who are not saved gain peace when there is no conflict or trouble. Christians however, experience calm and peace despite difficulties and challenges because of the Holy Spirit's influence and power in our life.

People in the world walk by sight and depend on the externals, but Christians walk by faith and depend on the eternals.

In verse 27 it says “The spirit uses the Word to give us His peace”’, In John 15:9-10 He uses the Word to give us His love; John 15:11 He uses the word to give us Joy.

In verse 28, Jesus is assuring His disciples they would see Him again. He’s basically saying, rejoice, because I am returning to the Father. They are like, why should we rejoice again? Because His return made their way possible to the Father in heaven and He is giving them the gift of the Holy Spirit as a helper.

In John 14:30-31, Jesus named two of our great spiritual enemies, the world and the Devil. Jesus overcame the world and the devil and the devil has no claim on Him. There is no point in Jesus where the Devil can get a foothold.

In verse 28 Jesus said, My Father is greater than I. He was not denying His own deity or His equality with God, for then He would have been contradicting Himself. When Jesus was here on earth, He was necessarily limited by having a human body, so this is a reference to this fact.

Jesus showed His love for the Father (and the world) by voluntarily going to the cross. He did not hide or flee. He willingly laid down His life. He and the disciples may have left the upper room at this point so, what Jesus said from that point on, was spoken on the way to the garden. Or they could have been lingering for a while as he shared this.

We can easily imagine the allegory of the vine being given as they walked that night through the vineyards. His own perfect peace assures us that He alone can give us peace. Jesus was always the Master of the situation, and He enables us to take control of our lives as we surrender to Him and receive His legacy of Peace.

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