Why All Religions Suck! Christian Podcast – Part 2

About this Episode

Welcome to today's RIOT Podcast, a Christian podcast - This is a 2 part series so please make sure you listen to both episodes, don't want to miss as the guys discuss the differences of living in religion versus living in freedom with Christ as Savior.


They begin by sharing 5 points of why Religions Suck and then go into further details by breaking down each point.
1. Religion Causes You to Condemn Yourself
2. Religion Causes You to Judge Others and Live a Life of Comparison
3. Religion Makes You Feel Like God Owes You
4. Religion Causes You to Live a Double Life
5. Religion Focuses on the How Instead of the Who

Part 2 is the discussion of points 3 to 5.

3. Religion Makes You Feel Like God Owes You- If we buy into the idea that righteousness is something we can achieve then we will ultimately believe that God owes us. Sure, we may not come right out and say it - but we will believe it. This mentality will cause us to question God - because why would God allow something bad to happen to someone who follows His rules? Bad things happen because we live in a world cursed by sin and the idea that God owes us anything is in complete opposition to the Gospel. The Bible plainly says that no one does good before God and that our salvation is only made possible by grace through faith so that no one may boast. God doesn't owe us anything because He has already given us everything when He died on the cross for our sins.

4. Religion Causes You to Live a Double Life- One of the most crushing aspects of religion is the way that it takes our eyes off of Jesus and puts them onto ourselves and those around us. We forget His finished work is enough and try to fix our issues ourselves. Religion creates pride and because of that pride, we will not want to admit our faults and our issues. We will be tempted to maintain a public persona that in no way matches the condition of our hearts. This is not the life God intended for us. God wants us to live in the freedom of being fully known and fully loved.

5. Religion Focuses on the How Instead of the Who- Religion causes us to focus on the how of everything and everyone around us. How should the worship music be done? How long should we pray? How much of the Bible should we read? How much money should we give? How should we dress at church? Asking these kinds of questions could lead to why there is so much division in the church and why some people feel that Christianity is exhausting. Following Jesus isn't an easy life but it is life-giving, not life-taking. The relationship makes it simple because it focuses on the Who and the only Who that truly matters – Jesus

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