Why All Religions Suck! Learn about the differences Part 1

About this Episode

Welcome to today's RIOT Podcast, a Christian podcast - This is a 2 part series so please make sure you listen to both episodes, don't want to miss as the guys discuss the differences of living in religion versus living in freedom with Christ as Savior.


They begin by sharing 5 points of why Religions Suck and then go into further details by breaking down each point.
1. Religion Causes You to Condemn Yourself
2. Religion Causes You to Judge Others and Live a Life of Comparison
3. Religion Makes You Feel Like God Owes You
4. Religion Causes You to Live a Double Life
5. Religion Focuses on the How Instead of the Who

Part 1 is the discussion of points 1 and 2.

1. Religion Causes You to Condemn Yourself- It's never about us, it’s about Jesus. We are not to feel guilty about how we worship. For example; The moment we begin to read the Bible less or pray less, we oftentimes start to feel guilty. The truth is – we will never be able to pray enough, serve enough or read our Bible enough to earn anything from God. God doesn't love us because of what we have done; God loves us because of what Jesus has done for us. He desires devotion that is inspired by a relationship, not an obligation.

2. Religion Causes You to Judge Others and Live a Life of Comparison - if we live a life of religious duty we will eventually condemn ourselves because of our inability to be perfect. Along the way, religion will cause us to play the comparison game with those around us. We will look down at someone struggling with a drug addiction and at the same time, we will look enviously at someone with a more powerful prayer life. When we start comparing our spiritual life to others, if we don't feel like we are doing enough then we will condemn ourselves, and if we feel like we are doing more than others then we will start to condemn them. The only one who we should compare ourselves with is Christ. Then we are left with only one option and that is to accept His grace and allow Him to bridge the gap where we don't measure up.

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