Why Religion Sucks and Jesus Rocks

February 17, 2021
Why All Religions Suck and Jesus Rocks
For this week’s 2-part RIOT Podcast, a Christian Podcast, the guys discuss the differences between living in religion versus living in freedom with Christ as Savior. They begin by sharing 5 points of why Religions Suck and then go into further details by breaking down each point.

      1. Religion Causes You to Condemn Yourself 
      2. Religion Causes You to Judge Others and Live a Life of Comparison
      3. Religion Makes You Feel Like God Owes You
      4. Religion Causes You to Live a Double Life
      5. Religion Focuses on the How Instead of the Who


      Pete immediately started talking about the difference between religion, why it sucks, and why Jesus rocks. Barry also shared what he loves about the show is that they don’t want people to assume that they know everything but just to share what they have experienced. Bob then started the first part of this episode stating that religion causes you to condemn yourself. He said for instance “The moment we begin to read the bible less or pray less many times we start to feel guilty.” The truth is we will never be able to pray enough or serve enough or read our bibles enough to earn anything from God. God doesn't love us because of what we have done. God loves us because of what He has done for us. He desires devotion that is inspired by a relationship, not an obligation to do things so we check off a box. 

      Next, they talked about Judging others and the significance of legalism, and how it leads to a life of comparison. To be legalistic is religion and is not how God of the bible wants us to lead our lives. By listening to the guys you will hear a more in-depth explanation of how this will affect your relationship with God. 

      The guys also discussed how doing good works tricks our minds into believing that God owes us something. We ask God why all the time and never fully rest in trusting Him completely. The guys did an awesome job dissecting this point and bring to life the importance of not expecting anything from God outside of His unconditional love. 

      Next, they discussed wearing a mask, this part of the podcast was powerful and worth the listen to see how many of us fall into this trap of religion. Last but not least they spend time talking about Jesus as the primary focus of our relationship. They shared that religion will always get your eyes on the things around you instead of on Jesus only. They break this point down and do a masterful job at thoroughly explaining everything. 

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