NFL Quarterback Jay Schroeder – Super Bowl

February 2, 2021

Super Bowl Champion, Jay Schroeder, was our guest on the Riot Podcast this episode. Jay shared so many stories of playing with the greats like Walter Payton, Art Monk, Bo Jackson and others. What an amazing time we had hearing about his ministry excursions in the UK where Pete chased an 8-year-old criminal who tried to steal Jay’s $15,000, world champion ring.

Jay later tells the story of his passion for kids and how he raises money for kids struggling with cancer through the SGC foundation. Jay transparently shares his heart tugging story of his own child battles with two major brain surgeries and how that pushed him closer to God. A thought that comes to mind is what organization are we generous towards, whether it be a Foundation like Jay supports or your local Church. We believe that we should be doing all that we can do to be the light in this dark world and our financial support is always needed to help likeminded organizations.

Lastly, the show comes down to Coaching, mentoring and discipling is a huge key to success for anyone. Jay tells about his next level coaching he received and how his college coach went the distance to stick his neck out so that Jay could make an impact. 2 Timothy 2:2 tells us to build the people around us by saying, “And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” The discussion went to who can we pour into and who is pouring into us, this is our albatross or Launch pad. Our mission is to GO and make Disciples, are we doing it?

Overall the episode really was impactful. Jay Schroeder is still winning championships on the mission field and with kids who are hurting. Our next episode will cover our very own Pete, Barry and Bob’s Super Bowl LV picks and what is the strategy for winning in all circumstances. Thanks for tuning in with us.

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