How to Keep a New Years Resolution

January 11, 2021

What a deeply passionate and amazing show we had this week on the RIOT Podcast. Our guest, Geoffrey Harris brought such wisdom and insight to our pressure point topic this week.

We started the show off by asking each other how our New Year’s went and what our New Year’s resolutions were. Pete jumped right in and stated that he wants to lose weight to fit into his speedo so he can impress his wife (Right! Not sure we want to see this) Bob stated that he wanted to get rid of his heavy addiction of…. Chic-fil-A, like that’s ever going to happen either!!! Then Barry offered a great resolution because it affects us all here in the studio. Well, let’s just say that his breath stinks!!! Haha, Barry jokingly said that he is going to start brushing his teeth now and that after 29 years of marriage his wife has had enough of that “stank”. We here at the RIOT podcast always love to laugh and enjoy each other’s company and conversations that we get to share with you all.

After our laughter we got to know our special guest, Geoffrey much better. He shared with us about how God has used him later in his years and learned more about his Christian discipleship ministries through Power Point Ministries. Geoffrey’s main responsibility at Power Point Ministries is to train up the Pastors in Africa. He walks them through practical ways on how to “one on one disciple” their congregations, as well as other local Pastors nearby them. Geoffrey humbly answered our question of how many people he and discipled, and stated that he has roughly discipled well over 700 to 1000 people in his life time. What an awesome way to use the gifts of the Lord to spread and further his Kingdom.

From there we turned to our pressure point and asked the question, “Is it possible to actually keep a new year’s resolution?” Our responses were a resounding “YES”. We talked about that we must first put into place key elements in order to be successful long term with our resolution or goals. Our pressure point or hot topic discussion, was centered around 3 main points in order to succeed and that is; plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

Overall this episode of RIOT Podcast is powerful and the level of insight our guest and our hosts give is extremely valuable to those desiring a more intimate relationship with God. I highly recommend this Christian podcast, you will be blessed by it.

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