Discover Truth on Hard Questions of the Christian Faith

In this week’s episode of the RIOT podcast, a Christian Podcast! Bob, Pete, and Barry discuss how to Discover Truth on Hard Questions of the Christian Faith. TODAY’S SHOW SPONSOR IS MISSION TRAVEL FAITH TOURS & MISSION TRAVEL TOURS. WWW.MTTFAITH.COM WWW.MISSIONTRAVELTOURS.COM Pastors looking to take your Congregation to the Holy Land or Journey on the […]

How can the Resurrection of Jesus change your life?

Thanks for joining us this week on the RIOT Podcast, a Christian podcast talking about today’s hot topics! Today the guys will be discussing the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that it is the central truth of the Christian faith. Without it, there is no such thing as the Christian faith. Bob, Pete, and Barry […]

Basic Tips on Sharing Your Faith

In today’s recording of the RIOT PODCAST a Christian Podcast, the guys started the show off by introducing themselves and welcoming their Guest, Pastor Rodney Gage of Rethink Life Church in Orlando, FL. Bob then threw out the idea of taking a wonderful Mediterranean Trip with Mission Travel Tours. Pete quickly interjected about an 8-day […]
End Times – Prophecy Invasion of Israel

End Times – Prophecy Invasion of Israel

Christian Podcast: End Times – Prophecy Invasion of Israel Thank you for joining us this week on the RIOT Podcast, The guys continue speaking on Prophecy and End Times as they go through a book called “End Times in Chronological Order” by Ron Rhodes. Bob, Pete, and Barry started the show by Talking about Barry’s […]
Why All Religions Suck and Jesus Rocks

Why Religion Sucks and Jesus Rocks

For this week’s 2-part RIOT Podcast, a Christian Podcast, the guys discuss the differences between living in religion versus living in freedom with Christ as Savior. They begin by sharing 5 points of why Religions Suck and then go into further details by breaking down each point. Religion Causes You to Condemn Yourself  Religion Causes […]

NFL Quarterback Jay Schroeder – Super Bowl

Super Bowl Champion, Jay Schroeder, was our guest on the Riot Podcast this episode. Jay shared so many stories of playing with the greats like Walter Payton, Art Monk, Bo Jackson and others. What an amazing time we had hearing about his ministry excursions in the UK where Pete chased an 8-year-old criminal who tried […]
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What’s behind the Capital Riot Unrest? Christian podcast blog

This week’s Christian Podcast show from the RIOT Podcast was powerful right from the get-go, the boys were not much into small talk and got right into this week’s pressure point topic.

How to Keep a New Years Resolution

What a deeply passionate and amazing show we had this week on the RIOT Podcast. Our guest, Geoffrey Harris brought such wisdom and insight to our pressure point topic this week.